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How to Choose a Filling for Your Wedding Cake

The special cake for your Big Day can be made with dozens of different types of fillings. Celebrity wedding cakes have been filled with Grand Marnier buttercream, imported chocolate fudge and other premium ingredients to create an unforgettable masterpiece. Ganache, pastry cream and even custard are some other filling options to consider for your one-of-a-kind cake.

How do you decide what will be the best match for your wedding? Here are some tips on choosing the best filling for your wedding cake:

Types of Fillings for Your Wedding Cake

Some of the most common types of fillings available for your wedding cake include:

Custard or pastry cream: Custard and pastry cream are among the most popular wedding cake fillings available, and can be made in vanilla, chocolate, cream cheese, lemon and other fruit flavors. Custards may also be flavored with almond, Grand Marnier and other liqueurs to add a distinctive taste to your cake. Custards and pastry creams complement

Buttercream: Buttercream is made with butter, sugar and varying amounts of heavy cream. It can be whipped until it’s light and airy to exhibit a whipped cream-like consistency, or made with heavy cream and extra butter for a richer texture. This type of filling goes well with almost anything, but you will need to be mindful of the consistency to ensure that it complements your cake.

Ganache Pudding: Ganache is made with heavy cream and dark chocolate, and is a great complement to light pound cakes, airy chocolate cake layers or even to top off cupcakes with. Ganache is one of the very dense filling options available, so you need to be careful about using this type of filling in a warm setting.

Fresh fruit with whipped cream: If you’re planning a spring or summer wedding, fresh fruit with whipped cream may be the best match for your wedding cake. This combination can be used in almost any type of wedding cake, and is a refreshing change from sugar-laden creams.

Mousse: Mousse can be a rich but light filling for a chocolate, yellow or red velvet cake. A cream cheese mousse may be used to balance out a rich carrot cake, while a dark chocolate mousse can complement a tuxedo cake or a milk chocolate cake. Mousse fillings are a great alternative to a heavier buttercream and ganache.

Fruit jams and jellies: Fruit jams and jellies are most appropriate for wedding cakes that have a sponge or pound cake base. This type of filling and cake combination is suitable for the classic Victorian-style wedding, and can be decorated with simple and elegant icing.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Wedding Cake Filling

One of the most important things to consider when selecting a wedding cake filling is what type of cake your are planning on serving. Is the cake recipe light and airy? Or will you be serving a more decadent, heavier dessert-style cake? The filling will need to complement the cake, not overpower it, so you will need to be very selective about whether you choose a mousse, buttercream or rich pastry cream as your filing.

Another important thing to consider when selecting a wedding cake filling is the temperature you plan to serve the cake in. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you will need to steer clear of custards made with milk and eggs, as these  may end up soaking the cake and creating a pudding-like consistency under the heat. If you are planning an indoor wedding, a mousse filled cake, fresh fruit filled cake or a light and airy buttercream may be a great match because they will maintain their form.

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